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UI/UX and Brand Designer

Our Client

Our client found us while searching for a website UI design company on Google. Impressed by our work showcased on our website, they were delighted when we agreed to take on their project.


The Problem

The problem was that client’s app has a poor user interface and experience, leading to unsatisfactory visitor engagement. The app currently has messy and unattractive cricket record data. They’ve asked us to change the branding colors, and ensure information is presented clearly.


Our Role

Our role was to redesign this app. They want us to make it user-friendly, improve cricket record presentation, change branding colors, and ensure clear information for a fresh look and better performance.


Old Design

Our Process

User research

Research: In our quest to improve the user experience, we’ve extensively analyzed competitors’ apps, including well-known apps like Dream11. We’ve closely examined how they present cricket records and other features to gather valuable insights.



We offered the client three design options, each featuring its own color branding and card-style design.




The client was impressed with the third version, and we proceeded with that design for the app.



Series screens

In the series screen, we’ve included a search bar for users to find their favorite series quickly. When they click on a series, they can see detailed information, including batting, bowling, and fielding stats, and much more.



Matches screens

In the matches screen, we had designed tabs for upcoming, live, and recent matches. When a user clicked on any card, they could access all the relevant information, including series, stadium, match number, as well as batting, bowling, and fielding details, all presented in a clean and clear format.



Stadium screens

In the stadium screens, users could search for any stadium and view information about team battles and team records. We improved visibility by changing the color of team and versus names to highlight them.




Player screens

In the players screen, users could see all the information about any player, and we highlighted certain matches with different colors based on their priority.




Wallet screens

We designed the Wallet feature where users could easily view their coins, premium plans, and add more coins when required. Additionally, we included a warning message for a limited-time offer to draw attention to it.



Team screens

In the Team screen, we added a feature for users to create AI teams. In the stadium interface, we displayed player information, including their names and scores.




In conclusion, our app redesign achieved outstanding results, with a substantial increase in downloads and user engagement. By prioritizing user-centric design and adding valuable features, we transformed the app into a user-friendly platform that exceeded our client’s expectations.

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