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Gaming App

UI/UX and Brand Designer

Our Client

Our client desires a brand-new gaming app that’s not only fun and colorful but also incredibly user-friendly. The app will feature a variety of engaging games such as Crash, Ludo, Cricket Jackpot, Fruit Line, Dragon vs. Tiger, Teen Patti, and many others to keep users entertained. Additionally, it will operate as a refer-and-earn platform, encouraging user engagement and rewards.


The Problem

Certainly, developing a gaming app is indeed complex, given the need for vibrant colors, intricate illustrations, and engaging character designs. It’s crucial to meticulously craft every element to create an attractive and immersive user experience. Balancing these artistic aspects while ensuring smooth functionality will be a key challenge in this project.


Our Role

Our mission is to design an app that’s not just visually appealing with a fun and entertaining vibe but also easy for users to navigate and play. Every screen should exude a game zone atmosphere, ensuring the best user experience possible.


Old Design

Our Process

We conducted user research to thoroughly examine gaming apps, especially Teen Patti, studying their functionality and visual design, including illustrations. After this research, we organized a meeting with our client to better understand their expectations. During the meeting, the client shared competitor apps as references, giving us insights into the features they value.


Home Screen Design

Our app’s home screen acts as a central hub, providing users with a diverse selection of games to enjoy. To accommodate even more gaming options, we’ve included a slider for users to explore additional games right from this screen. Our design prioritizes the visibility of key features, ensuring that users can effortlessly access and navigate through the app’s offerings at first glance.





Some Popular Game Screens

Crash & Cricket Jackpot Game screens

We’ve designed screens for Crash and Cricket Jackpot games that closely mimic the real gaming experience. We’ve used game-related backgrounds and elements to make the app feel just like the actual games. This creates a seamless and engaging user experience.




Dragon Vs Tiger & Fruit Line Game screens

We have designed screens for Dragon vs. Tiger and Fruit Line games that were easy to understand and had a fun, user-friendly interface. All game functionalities have been made clearly visible, allowing users to easily play and enjoy the games.




Ludo & Teen Patti Game screens

Users can seamlessly play these games and easily add money. We’ve introduced user-friendly icons, with a red arrow for the back option and a green support icon for easy accessibility and assistance.



Refer & Earn Screens

In the Refer & Earn screens, we’ve provided step-by-step instructions on how to earn money. The side menu offers quick access to important categories like Gullak, My Cash, Rankings, How to Level Up, and Terms & Conditions for user convenience.





Daily Bonus & Offer Screens

On the Daily Bonus & Offer screens, users can easily pick from three offers, with clear descriptions of each service. The Daily Bonus screen shows one unlocked bonus and the status of upcoming bonuses for a straightforward user experience.




Other Screens



In conclusion, despite the complexity of creating this gaming app, we managed to successfully complete the project within a span of just two months. The results have been extremely rewarding, with a continuous increase in the number of app downloads. Our client is very happy with the app’s success.

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