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Admisure Education Portal

UI/UX and Brand Designer

Our Client

Our client is from Kolkata and he wanted to create a brand-new education platform for students and educators, offering a fresh and innovative learning experience.


The Problem

Before Admisure, educational centers faced a problem of using multiple tools and paperwork for tasks like sales, records, payouts, and website management. This caused inefficiency and complexity. Admisure was created to simplify everything by putting it all in one place.


Our Role

Our job was to create Admisure, making it easy for students and educators to use with a great look and feel. Admisure isn’t just a tool; it’s a complete solution for education centers. We made sure it could handle everything from sales and courses to employee management and payments, making it a one-stop platform to improve how education centers run their business.



The client provided a wireframe that serves as a detailed blueprint, outlining how they envision the portal’s functionality and appearance. This wireframe functions as a roadmap, guiding us in creating precisely what they have in mind. It ensures that we fulfill their specific requirements and preferences for the project, which include critical functionalities such as sales management, payouts, record-keeping, coaching management, package management, coupon handling, and more.


Our Process

User research

To craft a user-friendly portal, we conducted thorough user research, which involved visiting competitors’ websites and analyzing their offerings. This helped us figure out the needs and preferences of our users, so we could create a portel that’s even better and easier to use.


Admin Panel

Admisure’s admin panel simplifies user management, sales tracking, content updates, and revenue insights, making it the hub for optimizing your education center’s performance.



Test series manager

Admisure’s Test Series Manager simplifies test organization with details on test counts, product and exam types, and package status (in progress, completed, or in review). Admins can easily publish or add tests for a dynamic testing experience.



Add Coaching

Adding a coaching center on Admisure is a breeze with just five steps: coaching and faculty details, organization information, payment setup, and defining your management team. It’s a hassle-free way to establish your coaching center’s online presence.



Coaching Dashboard

Admisure’s Coaching Dashboard offers a real-time overview of daily sales, test series, practice, and student engagement, along with payout records. It’s your tool for informed and efficient coaching center management.



My Coaching Page

Admisure’s Coaching Page offers a complete coaching center profile, showcasing student numbers, test series, practice sets, and social media links. Students can quickly buy passes and kickstart their practice sessions with ease.



Other Pages



The homepage is where you explore Admisure’s purpose, get to know us, and understand why choosing Admisure is the right decision. Additionally, you can read testimonials from satisfied users and browse through the available courses.




This project completely changed how education centers handled their tasks, transitioning from manual work to an efficient system. Our survey confirmed that many students were drawn to this portal because it’s easy to use and has a well-designed UI/UX. And we continue to work on multiple projects for this client after the successful completion of this one.

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