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Big Bite Café Menu

Graphic Designer

Our Client

Our local client, the owner of Sri Ganganagar’s famous Big Bite Café, first trusted us with their logo. Impressed by our work, they asked us to redesign their menu. This case study follows our journey from logo design to the menu transformation.


The Problem

The existing menu at Big Bite Café suffered from an outdated and unattractive design, making it unappealing to customers. Issues included poor visibility, incoherent background images, lack of clarity, and a disconnect with the restaurant’s brand identity, hampering customer satisfaction and upselling opportunities.


Our Role

Our role was to redesign the menu, making it visually appealing with a fun and vibrant ambiance. We added food graphics and bright colors while ensuring the menu aligned seamlessly with the logo for a consistent and memorable brand identity.

Old Designs


New Designs




In conclusion, our redesign of Big Bite Café’s menu not only introduced a fresh, fun, and appealing look but also ensured brand consistency. The client is delighted with the transformation, which has elevated the dining experience and established a strong, unified brand identity.

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