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Pharmacy Portal

UI/UX and Brand Designer

Our Client

The Specialist Pharmacy the UK’s only compounding pharmacy. Leading the way in compounding bespoke bio-identical hormone medicines. We worked as UI and UX designer under for this project.


The Problem

This project wasn’t a general and straightforward task for us. These topics are rare for UIUX designers, and comprehending pharmaceutical software required a substantial effort. Achieving a comprehensive understanding of it was essential before we could design a user-friendly, perfect, and modern UI/UX. In reality, this project was a combination of two portals: the Prescriber’s portal and the Patient’s portal.


Let’s start with Prescriber’s portal:

Our Role

Our job was to turn an old computer program intoa modern web portal with a focus on delivering the best User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI). We made sure it works well and looks good. We listened to what users needed and worked closely with the client’s team. The result is a website that’s easy to use and looks great on any device.


Old Design



Our Process

Problems and solutions

We attended numerous meetings with clients, the team, and the pharmacy’s actual users, conducting live demos of the wireframe ideas. We shared screens and made updates live as per the end-users sitting in front of us. This was truly a great experience for us. The managers and team of the Specialist pharmacy were very friendly and polite during the meetings; they really cooperated with us. What an incredible team, hats off.


The Design system/Style guide

After understanding it, we began with the style guide and then quick UX ideas, sketches.



The Final Design

Based on the design system and the wireframe, I designed this final product design: Here are the login and register screens, along with key points highlighting the benefits of this portal.



Home Screen


Home Screen




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