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Hills Choice & Manson Brand

Graphic Designer

Our Client

Our client from Himachal Pradesh came to us with eighteen products, all of which needed new labels. These products belong to the “Hills Choice” and “Manson” brands. While some of the products are already completed, others are still in the works.


The Problem

The challenge we faced was that the client desired a professional brand appearance for their products while maintaining a sense of familiarity. They wanted the new labels to retain elements of their existing designs so that customers would recognize the products, yet they also wanted a visually appealing and modern look to enhance their brand.


Our Role

Our client wasn’t happy with their old designs and wanted something fresh and attractive. Our task was to create modern and eye-catching labels that would give his products a new, appealing look.

Old Design



In conclusion, we embarked on an exciting journey with our client, bringing their vision to life. Our goal was to elevate every aspect of their brand and create memorable experiences that left a lasting impact on their audience. The transformation has been successfully executed!


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