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Champion Tutor Project

UI/UX and Brand Designer

Our Client

Our Singapore-based client approached us with a request for a complete revamp of their project, “Champion Tutor.” They sought a fresh new look and the best user experience (UX) design to enhance their platform.


The Problem

The Champion Tutor website’s previous design fell short of achieving a famous and professional appearance, resulting in limited visitor traffic and a lack of registered tutors. Our client was determined to enhance the user experience (UX) to increase visitor engagement and tutor or student sign-ups.


Our Role

Our role was to completely redesign the project, making it user-friendly. Our goal was to ensure tutors and students could easily log in or register, students could quickly find the subjects and tutors they needed, and tutors could efficiently receive requests from students.


Old Design


Our Process

User research

We conducted extensive investigations across various education portals to understand how they presented their features. After careful analysis, we pinpointed the most effective approaches that stood out from the rest and applied them to the Champion Tutor project.




Dashboard Screen

We conducted in-depth research and carefully designed the dashboard and tutors screen, ensuring that all essential job and tutor information is readily available. We also included convenient “Apply Now” buttons for job applications and “Hire Tutors” for both online and home tutoring needs.



Other Important Pages

These are additional pages/screens, each with its own unique functions and features.



It was a large and complex project with many screens, each serving different purposes. Despite a challenging 3-month deadline and budget constraints, we successfully accomplished the project.




In conclusion, our redesign of Champion Tutor not only improved the user experience but also attracted more visitors. Both students and tutors gave it positive reviews, making the project a big success.

What our customers say

We value our customers’ feedback and testimonials. Here are some of the reviews and ratings that our customers have given us.

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