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Graphic Designer

Our Client

Our American client, asked us to revamp their brand. We’ve designed a new logo, attention-grabbing standee and hoarding banners, stylish magazine layouts, engaging social media posts, and professional business cards.


The Problem

Our client demanded more than just banners and posts. They needed each element to be a compelling experience. Banners had to be traffic-stoppers, magazines storytelling platforms, social media posts conversation starters, and visiting cards memorable intros.


Our Role

Our role was to transform their vision into reality. We crafted banners and posts with a focus on delivering an exceptional user experience. We aimed to make every aspect of their brand not just appealing but truly remarkable.











In conclusion, our task was to rejuvenate the “Hills Choice” and “Manson” brands by designing labels that maintain brand recognition while introducing a modern touch. This effort not only met the client’s objectives but also led to a notable boost in product sales, leaving our client extremely pleased with the results.

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