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Graduatewise: Freelancing Portal

UI/UX and Brand Designer

Our Client

We were recommended to our client by a satisfied previous client who was impressed with our work.


The Problem

The only problem was the bad UI and UX of the website and not attracting users. Initially, its design was very old and was not promising to faith for freelancing work. So Our work was to have good user research and new modern ideas about UX and UI.


Our Role

We were hired to create user-friendly designs to solve specific problems. As a versatile team, we researched, planned the layout, established design rules, and brought the visuals to life. Despite a tight 3-month deadline and budget considerations, we successfully completed the project.


Old Design


Our Process

Problems and solutions

  1. Bad UI UX: We did some user research with paid online surveys on our initial wireframes.
  2. No brand identity: We designed a better color scheme after some version testings.
  3. Very few users: Because they were not understanding the website properly. So I created better wireframes, user flows, and microtasks.
  4. Not had a good vision that can give return: We had many meetings, checked competitor websites. We created accounts on those websites and did research on why they are attracting users, which features we need to adapt from them, and which features they are missing. In the early days of the project, we spent a good time in this phase.


The Design system/Style guide

A good pre-defined style guide helps a lot to give a project a consistent look and feel as well as it helps in building a product quickly in the best way. We started with a new logo. Client selected this one you can see below.




Home page

It can be seen live here, but this was finalized after few versions.


Version one

We decided to go with a single screen version like this



Version two

But after a few versions team liked this one, a long page. Please check live version here:



Employer Dashboard and other screens

The Employee Dashboard is a one-stop platform for employees, offering quick access to essential information such as recent graduate hires, profile completeness, messages, blog articles, and the organization’s premium employer status.



Chat system

The Chat System functions as a messaging platform dedicated to the hiring process. It allows you to have conversations with job applicants at various stages, simplifying interview scheduling, status updates, and overall communication throughout the hiring process.



Employer profile

Employers submit all their important information, including details about their business, account holder information, and company specifics.



Candidate search

You can search candidates by using filters like availability, sector of interest, career status, country, and language. It’s like a search engine for finding the right candidates, and you can view their profiles to learn more about them.




Candidate profile



Plans page design

The Plans Page Design is where candidates can view different subscription options, their prices, and the features they include. It makes it easy for candidates to choose the plan that suits them best.



Other pages



After the redesign, this portal went from having no visitors to a significant increase in graduate and candidate registrations. Thanks to smart redesigns like the Employee Dashboard, Chat System, and more, we’ve turned this portal into a success story.

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